Wild-crafted has developed from my passion for nature, learning and sharing. I want to empower people to step outside of their normal day to day lives and look at the world around them with new eyes. Not so long ago most people knew how to interact with nature for food, health and healing. Many of us grow up without this ability and I was one of those people.

As a London born girl, the only time I connected with nature was when I was away on holiday. I watched TV shows about how our ancestors lived in the wild and foraged their food. I grew up reading books filled with adventures and magic. Dreams of women in long flowing skirts harvesting herbs on a wild mountainside filled my mind. They lived in little cabins and had herbs drying from the ceiling. They provided help for anyone who came knocking at the door.

I knew I wanted to work in health and went on to train as a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher. This enabled me to treat people and to empower individuals to take an interest in their own well-being.  However, I was missing something and my childhood dreams had never faded. I was still searching for a way to connect with nature and learn about wild herb medicine and foraging.


With few connections in my day to day life it took some time to find my way. In 2012 all this changed, a door was opened and I have never looked back.


I embarked on a Sensory Herbal apprenticeship with Sensory Solutions and my journey began. Where once all yellow flowers looked the same, now Dandelions, Hawkbits and Ragwort all stand apart. I can drive down a country lane and see the difference in the trees. I know where to pick the hazelnuts and make wild garlic pesto and how to harvest my own herbs. I have lovely fruit laden Gins and Vodkas for winter nights and Elderberry Cordial to take if I'm unwell. My face cream is home made and I make salves for my Grandma's skin.  

Alongside my work as Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher I have now been able to follow my passion for sharing knowledge. My focus is on co-creating workshops and walks and one-to-one Sensory Herbalism treatments. I have also been given an amazing opportunity to create a community herb garden at The Sadeh.


I now realise that there is always more to learn, but it's never too late to start.                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                       Katy Neale



North West London and the Home Counties. I am happy to discuss an event further away.

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