Sensory Herbalism 

One to One Consultations

Sensory Herbalism is a holistic approach to healthcare focusing on the use of plants for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. It is an energetic form of Herbal Medicine to encourage health and vitality. Sensory Herbalism is based on the belief that all living organisms have an innate healing capacity. With the right help and support, the body will move towards a state of health and balance. Using a gentle approach Senroy Herbalism encourages the body's natural rhythms to 'reset'. 

Sensory Herbalism: 

  • Works and connects with plants allowing you to uncover the root cause of dis-ease. 

  • Creates a tailor-made package by exploring the root causes.

  • Uses herbs in a supportive way, alongside adjunct therapies and practitioners if required.

  • Uses drop doses of herbal preparations to stimulate the body's innate healing response.

  • Offers lifestyle and dietary advice with recommendations towards a true balance. Lifestyle coaching includes rituals to recognise and release old patterns that no longer serve you and invite in new beginnings.  

Sensory Herbalism treats emotional disturbances that can lead to physical complaints. Disturbances to sleep, low mood, women's health, lack of direction in life, body pain, digestive issues, even recurring bouts of tonsillitis are all physical complaints that can stem from emotional and immunological root causes. 

As a Sensory Herbalist I am there to support, nourish, encourage and guide you to making healthy lifestyle choices. You will be walking the path to true balance together and you will have your part to play. I will use techniques such as dowsing, to ascertain a suitable approach and remedies to aid in the healing process. 

The journey is over a minimum of three sessions. 

You will be offered Sensory Herb Drops, Teas and tonics alongside lifestyle and dietary advice to take away and continue the Healing Process after the consultation has finished. 

Length of Consultation: 1 hour, with 3 consultations recommended. 

Cost: £40 per hour excluding herbs & tinctures. 

An estimated maximum cost for the herbs & tinctures over the three sessions would be around £60, with an average cost of  around £40-45.

Location: Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

*Care is taken if you are currently on prescription medication. A phone consultation is required before an appointment is booked to ensure that Sensory Herbalism is appropriate. The phone consultation is free and normally lasts around 10 minutes.



North West London and the Home Counties. I am happy to discuss an event further away.

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